Collection Schedule Zone 1 - Route: #1

Rainbow Janitorial Services Daily Collection Schedule | TIME OPERATION BEGIN: 7:45a.m


Truck 1 - Night

Truck 2 - Night
River Road 7:45a.m - 8:30a.m
St. John's Street (Upper) 8:00p.m - 8:10p.m

* River Road 8:00p.m - 8:10p.m
Sans Souci 8:35a.m - 8:55a.m St. Louis R.C. Girls School 8:10p.m - 8:25p.m Melville Street 8:10p.m - 8:25p.m
Independence Avenue 9:00a.m - 9:10a.m Presentation Brothers College 8:25p.m - 8:30p.m St. John's street (Lower) 8:25p.m - 8:30p.m
Government Gate 9:15a.m - 9:20a.m Old Fort 8:30p.m - 8:50p.m Halifax Street 8:30p.m - 8:50p.m
Woolwich Road 9:20a.m - 9:25a.m Upper Lucas Street 8:50p.m - 9:15p.m Market Square 8:50p.m - 9:15p.m
The Villa 9:25a.m - 9:35a.m Lowther's Lane 9:15p.m - 9:35p.m Cruise Ship Terminal 9:15p.m - 9:35p.m
Woolwich Road out to Lucas Street 9:40a.m - 9:45a.m Port Highway 9:35p.m - 9:50p.m Granby Street 9:35p.m - 9:50p.m
Green Street 9:45a.m - 10:00a.m Carenage 9:50p.m - 10:10p.m Gore Street 9:50p.m - 10:10p.m
H.A. Blaize Street 10:00a.m - 10:05a.m Ministry of Finance 10:10p.m - 10:18p.m Grenville Street 10:10p.m - 10:18p.m
Homemade Bakery 10:05a.m - 10:10a.m Pick up time subject to change based on volume Fort George 10:18p.m - 10:21p.m
Old Trafford/Tanteen Terrace 10:10a.m - 10:15a.m Hospital Compound 10:21p.m - 10:30p.m
Anglican High School 10:40a.m - 10:55a.m Scott Street 10:30p.m - 10:50p.m
TAMCC 10:15a.m - 10:25a.m Church Street 10:50p.m - 10:55p.m
GBSS 10:30a.m - 10:35a.m Grand Etang Road 11:00p.m - 11:22p.m
Teachers College 10:40a.m - 10:45a.m Young Street 11:22p.m - 11:38p.m
Ministerial Complex 10:45a.m - 10:55a.m H.A. Blaize Street 11:43p.m - 11:55p.m
Refuel/Post Office 10:55a.m - 11:00a.m Top Tanteen 11:55p.m - 12:00p.m
Archibald Avenue 11:00a.m - 11:15a.m Archibald Avenue 12:00p.m - 12:10p.m
Cemetery Hill 11:20a.m - 11:30a.m Lower Lucas Street 12:10p.m - 12:20p.m
Perseverance Landfill 11:35a.m - 12:05p.m
* Pickup time subject to change based on volume

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