Tips for waste reduction

  1. Donate unwanted goods and items.
  2. Don't replace – repair.
  3. E-mail letters and notes – avoid hard copies
  4. Shop carefully --- avoid unnecessary packaging.
  5. Compost your organic waste.
  6. Create recycled arts and crafts.
  7. Reuse shopping bags for garbage disposal, to go shopping and packaging items in the home
  8. Look for products without packaging – tools, fresh produce, dry goods.
  9. Buy in bulk if you can afford it.
  10. Choose rechargeable batteries and long life bulbs.
  11. Use your own reusable canvas or string bags when shopping.
  12. Buy quality products, care them and keep them for a lifetime.
  13. Use reusable containers for storing food left overs.
  14. Use old toothbrushes to clean tiles, shoes etc.
  15. Instead of paper or plastic, use ceramic mugs, cloth napkins and towels, china plates and silverware.
  16. Make two-sided copies to reduce paper waste by 50%.
  17. When circulating memos or documents use rotating slips or better still – e-mail.
  18. Share newspaper and magazines.
  19. Use the blank side of paper for taking notes, drafts and scrap.
  20. Staple and keep waste paper near your phone for writing messages.
  21. Reuse envelopes by placing a bit of paper or label on the old address.
  22. Refold and reuse file folders.
  23. Bring your lunch in reuseable containers.
  24. Use old tyres as flower planters and kitchen garden pots.
  25. Give reuseable old clothes to charities. Make others into cleaning rags.
  26. Donate old magazines to nursing homes, schools, offices, and hospitals.
  27. Rent or borrow seldom used equipment.