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Bulb Crushing

Bulb Crushing Facility at Perseverance Landfill

One of the facilities at the Household Hazardous waste treatment plant at Perseverance landfill is a Bulb Crusher or commonly known as a “Bulb Eater”.

This machine caters the safe disposal of straight fluorescent lamps of any length, u-tubes and CFL’s or compact fluorescent bulbs.

The benefits of using the bulb crusher are as follows:

  • Prevent the release of mercury in the atmosphere.
  • Prevents the possibility of bulbs getting disposed with regular landfill waste resulting in the release of poisons in the nearby environment including leakage with leachate into the nearby river and marine ecosystem.
  • Prevents accidental damage due to improper disposal and the risk of endangering the lives of handlers and landfill staff. (Ensures the safety of workers)
  • Crushing lamps eliminates unnecessary and unsafe handling of spent tubes and bulbs.
  • Crushing results in lower likelihood on bulb breakages and eliminates the need to clean-up poison spills.
  • Mercury is safely collected in the process of bulb crushing in a special storage container in preparation for shipment and recycling off island.

Bulb collection depots have been established at the offices of street cleaning contractors at a number of locations in Grenada, Carriacou and petit Martinique.