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Metal Baling

Metal Baling at Queens Park Facility

The GSWMA invested in the purchase of a metal baler in 2005 following the passage of hurricanes Ivan and Emily when it was faced with the challenge of finding the best means of treating metal waste resulting from damage to buildings, vehicles and related structures.

To date, the metal baler has been found to be a very worthwhile investment as it is serving to treat metal waste for disposal through the scrap metal trade and therefore divert waste from the waste stream.

Scrap metal dealers can make use of this facility by taking clean scrap metal to the baling station where the service of metal baling is provided at a cost to the dealers.  It is to be noted that only clean metal waste is accepted for baling. In other words, items such as vehicles which are brought to be processed should not contain any oils, fuels or coolants and not mixed with rubber, plastic or cloth components.

The metal baling operations are not necessarily confined to operations at the landfill, but the baler is sited at various locations for the ease of access to sources of metal. Eg. Garage operators with large quantities of derelict vehicles needing disposal can negotiate with the GSWMA to have the baler brought to their facility to perform crushing of derelict vehicles.

Metal bales emerging from the baling process is shipped off island for recycling purposes.