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Special Collection

Special Collection Service

The contractual arrangement for garbage collection service also makes provisions for the disposal of household bulky waste, appliances, and furniture.

Every contractor is also required to present a collection schedule for white goods and bulky waste to GSWMA to be contained in his contract agreement.

This makes provisions for the contractor to offer once per month per community special collection for waste items which qualify for this collection service.

Householders are required to follow prescribed guidelines to make use of this service.

Each householder is entitled to the service once per month and can dispose of three large items per collection service, e.g. Washing machine, bed and a refrigerator.

To make use of the service, the householder is required to contact the office of the GSWMA or the Contractor for his/her community to make an appointment.  The Contractor may directly or through the GSWMA inform the householder of the date that the item/s will be collected. The homeowner will then be required to place the item out for the special collection service on the appointment date provided. The contractor will direct the special collection team to have the items collected and safely disposed.

Items which qualify for special collection service include refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, daybeds, dining sets, lounge sets, living room sets, TV sets, side tables, audio systems, beds & mattresses, closets, dishwashers, solar heaters, computer desks, vacuum cleaners, barrels, large microwave ovens, carpets & large Persian rugs, deep freezers, chest of drawers, toilets, face basins, sewing machines, BBQ grills(large), etc.