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Wood Chipping

Wood Chipping Service Offered by GSWMA

The GSWMA has been in receipt of thousands of tonnes of green waste at its landfill facilities in Grenada and Carriacou each year. Green waste is considered valuable organic material and can best be disposed of by returning to the soil as munch or in compost.

The GSWMA has invested in the purchase of an industrial type woodchipper. It is used for chipping tree limbs which are brough to the facility. The emerging mulch is sold to farmers for use in compost or to poultry farmers to use in chicken pens to help in making the flooring of pens comfortable for the movement of birds. Wood chips are also used for beautification purposes.

The woodchipper is also made available for rental to private citizens and institutions for the following:

  1. To assist with chipping tree limbs in the preparation of sites for construction..
  2. For field sanitation purposes, farmers are engaed in trimming trees on agricultural plots.
  3. For general chipping of branches which are cut from trees by home owners.

It is to be noted that the woodchipper is not used for chipping treated lumber.

Anyone requiring the services of the woodchipper can do so by contacting the Perseverance landfill to arrange for taking the chipper to your property and engaging our staff for operating the equipment as an cost to be arranged between the GSWMA and the customer.