GSWMA Launches Colour-Coded Bins

Grenada’s Minister for Climate Resilience, Renewable Energy and the Environment, Honourable Kerryne Z. James has commissioned communal waste separation with the launch of colour coded bins for waste disposal in the state of Grenada.

In a symbolic gesture to cut open yellow, blue and green coded litter bins and the presentation of the keys to stakeholder institutions who will be servicing the units, the Minister urged compliance to the system of waste separation and which will encourage businesses to be established from recyclable waste.

One hundred and twenty units will be positioned in towns, beaches, commercial centre’s and known hotspots for littering.

The units were obtained under the OECS ReMlit project with financing from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ceremony to mark the launch was also addressed by Dr. Tessa St. Cyr, Deputy chairman of the board of directors who spoke of the introduction of waste separation system as being Grenada’s commitment to respond to to many of the UN sustainable development goals.

General Manager of the GSWMA Mr. Lyndon Robertson expressed gratitude to the OECS Commission for the various components of the project to drive the implementation of effective waste management systems in Grenada, especially in the area of helping to curb marine plastic pollution.

Mrs. Susanna Debeauville-Scott of the OECS Commission noted that the GSWMA has lead the region in advancements in solid waste management and stands to benefit from upcoming projects to further advance its recycling agenda.

There were addresses from GTA and GHTA officials in support of the project.

Students of St. George’s Anglican Senior school demonstrated the proper use of the colour codes bins.

The colour coded bins are expected to facilitate proper waste management as they clearly identify which bins are used for different types of waste items; the green bins are for organic waste such as food scraps and biodegradable items, the blue bins for recyclable plastics, and the yellow ones for general waste.

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