GSWMA Study Tour to Italy sheds light on new technologies and practices in waste management.

Key areas of interest for the GSWMA included commercial composting, specifically exploring innovative techniques to address organic waste efficiently and sustainably; Investigating advanced biodigestion models to harness energy from organic waste and reduce environmental impact; Waste Separation and Treatment looking at advanced systems for effective waste processing while ensuring optimal resource recovery. Other field trip opportunities explored Landfilling, notably semi-aerobic landfilling methods to minimize environmental impact and enhance landfill management practices; Waste Collection Systems looking at modern waste collection systems that prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and community engagement; And Waste to Energy Plants which provided an upfront look at cutting-edge technologies for converting waste into energy.
The GSWMA’s participation in Ecomondo 2023 underscores Grenada’s dedication to embracing innovative solutions and technologies that align with global best practices in waste management. The collaboration with private sector partners and the support from Hydea SPA exemplify the public-private synergy that is necessary for achieving sustainable and impactful change.
The GSWMA looks forward to leveraging the knowledge and experiences gained from this Study Tour and the Ecomondo Expo to shape the future of waste management in Grenada, and contribute to the country’s resilience while maximizing resource efficiency.

In its ongoing agenda to transition Waste Management in Grenada from current linear to circular economy modalities, the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority (GSWMA) undertook a Waste Management Study Tour in Italy, the highlight of which was GSWMA’s attendance at the internationally renowned Ecomondo Green Technology Expo in Italy.
The annual Ecomondo Exhibition brings together key stakeholders, experts, and businesses from the waste management sector to showcase cutting-edge technologies and discuss sustainable waste management practices. The 2023 edition of the Green Technology Expo ran from November 7-10.
A multi-disciplinary team from the GSWMA formed part of a country contingent, which included representatives from government agencies with oversight for waste management and private sector partners from the waste management industry. The Study Tour was part sponsored by Hydea SPA the company contracted under the CDB/Gov or Grenada ISWMA to design and monitor construction of  the final cell for waste disposal at Perseverance landfill and conduct rehabilitation/capping of the old dumpsite.
According to Mr. Trevor St. Bernard, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GSWMA, Grenada’s representation at Ecomondo 2023 reflects a shared vision across the sector “to explore new modalities and technologies for advancing sustainable waste management solutions, revolutionize waste management practices in Grenada, and keep Grenada on track to lead the transformation of Waste Management in the region.”
The GSWMA team also benefitted from a number of visits to state-of-the-art waste management facilities to explore and adapt best practices, especially in waste diversion including recycling.

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