GSWMA moves ahead with plans to have a fully Functional recycling center by end of 2024

Plans for the establishment of a dedicated multi-purpose recycling facility in Grenada are well on the way with full commissioning projected for the end of the first quarter.

The plans were disclosed by the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority (GSWMA) during a series of consultations with representatives from the  Hospitality, Manufacturing sectors and NGOs at the end of January.

The Recycling Facility located at Queens Park, St. George’s is being retrofitted with equipment  to process metals, glass, plastics and other recyclables for export.

The primary modes of collection will be through depots to be set up island wide, specially designed and marked bins in public space and collection from hotels.

GSWMA plans to retain the services of existing waste collection contractors, for transportation to the Facility. 

As one of the two OECS Member States implementing Model Demonstration Projects under the Recycle OECS Project, Grenada’s advancement to commissioning its first recycle center  is an important milestone for Grenada under the Technical Pillar of the Recycle OECS Model. The Model provides the framework for a financially sustainable separation, collection and processing system.

 The other pillars deal with the economic, financial, regulatory/institutional, and communications or social  conditions that would enhance waste management sustainability.

GSWMA has held meetings with executives of the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association and hotels to present and discuss the plans for the new recycling facility. Coming out of this dialogue, approximately 90% of Grenada’s large resorts pledged in principle to assume an active role in the recycling value chain. This will take the form of systems for on-site separation, responsibility for delivery of recyclable plastics to the recycling facility, and collaboration with the GSWMA in areas such as schools and community outreach and education.

The GSWMA also hosted a high -level team from Ministry of Climate Resilience, The Environment and Renewable Energy for a walk-through of the proposed Recycling Facility, headed by Minister the Hon. Kerryne James, Permanent Secretary Ms. Peron Johnson, and Head of the Environment Division Mrs. Aria St. Louis.  The contingent also included members of the Seureca/ Unite Caribbean Joint Venture technical team supporting the GSWMA in the implementation of the Project.

The Recycle OECS Project is funded by the European Union, in collaboration with CARIFORUM, and implemented by Agence Française de Développement (AFD) in partnership with the Organisation of East Caribbean States (OECS). The purpose of the RecycleOECS project is to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the OECS waste management sector, and develop and implement a model waste separation, collection, and recycling programme for the OECS that considers a regional approach, self-financing, sustainability, and business viability.

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