GSWMA Seeking Support For Local Recyclers

As part of its commitment to establishing an enabling environment to encourage the birth of industries out of waste, the Grenada Solid Waste Management has been seeking to bring together potential investors and recycling interests to commence dialogue on how they can collaborate in the best interest of waste diversion.

One such engagement involved a meeting with the OECS ReMlit project which saw four Grenadian local companies present projects to address some of Grenada’s most challenging waste types.

The following outlines the business interests and a brief overview of their recycling project proposals:

Out of the Box Development
Out of the Box Development is a local company whose intention is to process used tyres, plastics and oils to manufacture rubber crumbs. These crumbs can be manipulated to make a range of products including birthing cushions for marinas and cruise ports and rubber mats.

The company plans to invest USD1.4 million in the project which it is hopes will consists of the infrastructure development, recycling plant and costs for startup operations.

Out of the Box also plans to extend its operations to the other Windward Islands.

Re Create Manufacturing
Re Create Manufacturing is also a local company. Out of an interest to help stem the flow of plastic waste into the marine environment, the small but ambitious company plans to invest approximately USD80,000.00 as start up for a plastic recycling company.

RCLM is targeting PET and HDPE grades of plastic to produce stuffed toys, pillows, cushions, craft items, beams and sheet press for tabletops and park benches. The plastic grades targeted are believed to be the most readily available and easiest to manipulate for recycling.

Eco Solutions
The power of this company lies in innovation and a genuine interest to address Grenada’s huge challenge of used oil disposal. The company which prides itself with delivery in the most professional manner, has so far gotten to the stage of construction of a plant and installation of a refinery for used oil which is now being tested for sale on the local market.

The GSWMA and Eco Solutions signed a MOU in 2021 which paved the way for GSWMA to allow the company to use its used oil storage facility and collect used oil from various sources for the project.

Grenada Grows
This local company with support from a North American counterpart, has great plans for addressing the largest component of Grenada’s waste stream. The intention of Grenada Grows is to take food waste and waste from poultry and fish centers as well as green waste to produce animal feed and fertilizers.

They plan to sell their products to local farmers as well as ship any excesses off island to established markets of the supporting counterpart company.

Some of the challenges facing these young companies in establishing business on island which were presented to the OECS meeting were:

  • High startup capital requirements
  • Lack of sufficient financial resources
  • Lack of suitable/available lands
  • Insufficient examples to prove viability is seen as a risk venture by financial institutions who are therefore reluctant to support with loans   and
  • Slow approval time from relevant authorities

In seeing the great value and relevance of these initiatives to advance waste recycling in Grenada, the OECS ReMLit team which only provides support to Government institutions in the region, advised that the GSWMA use the approach of procuring the equipment required by the companies under the ReMLit project, then allowing for their use through signed MOU/Agreements.  The GSWMA has committed to facilitating and promoting waste separation relative to the waste categories being sought after by recyclers, allowing access to waste disposal facilities to obtain sorted waste material, establishing PPP’s or MOU’s in consultation with the line ministry, provide the necessary support for private partners requiring specialized equipment, make recommendations for tax concessions where needed and promote small businesses born out of waste recycling.

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