The Compliance and Enforcement Unit Satisfied with stakeholder and public response to investigative work.

Compliance Manager within the GSWMA, Mr. Godfrey Fleming is satisfied with the inter sector collaboration process used to investigate problems and complaints brought to the attention of the unit since establishment of the CEU in November 2023.

The unit has been collaborating with officers from the Planning and Development Authority, the Ministry of Health, and the Royal Grenada Police Force to investigate occurrences such as illegal dumping, improper management of scrap metal salvaging facilities as well as roadside garage operations.

Such collaboration has resulted in the closure and decommissioning of four sites used for scrap metal operations as well as two illegal container packing operations on the public road. Additionally, the unit has been pleased with the support given by several business entities whose waste appeared at an illegal dumpsite and the subsequent decision of one company to claim responsibility for the infraction and have the area cleaned up.

Mr. Fleming noted that such collaboration speaks well for the future of curbing such illegal operations and which will eventually encourage compliance to established procedures for the safe handling of waste and responsible management of waste entrusted in the care of private waste haulers.

He noted however that future investigations which may lead to the guilty parties and forensic evidence which points to the origin of waste at these illegal dumpsites will be turned over to law enforcement to effect legislation including the Waste Management Act. The Unit he says is currently investigating three major illegal dumpsites in the south of the island and in the forested Clozier Mountain area. He pointed out that in all three cases the CEU is satisfied that the evidence will lead to closure and remedial action.

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