Perseverance in Photo Display

At long last the old Perseverance dumpsite has been completely terraced and capped. 

The dump, which is believed to have been in operation for well close to sixty years, was not a sanitary designed facility and reclaimed approximately seventeen acres of mangrove bordering the Halifax Bay on the western side of the island.

The process involved re-shaping, compacting, terracing, and covering with a layer of topsoil.  To avoid any land slippage or slides and assist with slope stability on the walls of the terraces, the team undertaking the project has commenced the planting of razor or sweet-root grass (vetivene). A network of pipes was installed on the edges of the terraces with pumps to carry water from the wetland treatment ponds to keep the site cool and for irrigation. 

Another feature is the old Perseverance Landfill. Commissioned in February 2001, this facility collapsed within nine months into its operation due to slope stability issues.  Faced with the challenge of finding a new place for waste disposal, the GSWMA reverted to using the old dumpsite from time to time.  Frequent fires at the old dump resulted in the “back and forth” use of both old facilities. With work on to close the old dump, the Authority was left with no option but to revert to using the old landfill and adjoining lands for waste disposal.

What appears to be a messy operation at this location, involves the containment of waste within a berm and the commencement of terracing, compacting the waste within the berm in preparation of covering as is being done at the old dump.

The process which will see that location resemble the finished layout of the old dump, but will take some time as more municipal waste will have to be brought to that location to effect the desired shape and compaction of waste

Meanwhile, the final of six cells which were to cater for waste disposal at the Perseverance landfill is near completion.

This cell, which will have a life expectancy of five years, is being fitted with the required geotextile liners and a network of storm water and leachate collection pipes, drainage and gas venting system and is being engineered with the required semi-aerobic landfill features in preparation for commissioning by mid 2023.

The design has taken into consideration the need for the pre-treatment of all waste to be landfill at the facility as well as the urgent need for the Authority to consider prospects for waste recycling and processing for export to recycling interests.

The new design will involve the application of a semi aerobic filling plan

A network of underground pipes consists of perforated flexible pipes to allow for the exchange of air and gasses in and surrounding the site as well as the flow of leachate from the cell to the leachate treatment facility on the opposite side of the Western Main Road located at the base of the old dump.

The network also consists of PVC storm water collection pipes which will collect water from surface and underground drainage systems throughout the site and divert it to the wetland treatment system.

The GSWMA, in collaboration with the design consultants for the facilities is conducting introductory training for landfill staff on applying the SAL filling plan for waste to be disposed of at this site.  This is being done alongside the completion of works and preparation of the cell.

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